Amid the controversy surrounding VeryDarkBlackMan and Gistlover’s dispute regarding the paternity of Mohbad’s child, Gistlover took a vindictive turn by releasing a compromising video of VeryDarkBlackMan, seemingly in an attempt to dissuade him from pursuing a DNA test.

Following Mohbad’s untimely demise, there were widespread speculations among Nigerians suggesting that Naira Marley may have inflicted emotional and physical harm on Mohbad, leading to calls for his arrest by the Nigerian police.

Naira Marley, on the other hand, recently issued a statement asserting his innocence and urged Nigerians to seek the real culprit responsible for the allegations against him. Amid these swirling accusations, concerns emerged within the Nigerian community, with many fearing that Mohbad’s wife might undergo a DNA test.

VeryDarkBlackMan continued to assert that Mohbad’s wife had become a prime suspect due to the photos and videos she posted on the day of her late husband’s passing.

As the situation unfolded, a growing number of Nigerians began to lend their ears to VeryDarkBlackMan’s claims. Even the CEO of a prominent African television network encouraged Mohbad wife to conduct a DNA test, offering a sum of 10 million Naira to cover the expenses if the child indeed proved to be Mohbad’s.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian police force initiated an investigation to uncover the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s tragic demise.