How to promote your songs in Nigeria in 2024?

To become successful in the music industry in Nigeria in 2024 it is necessary to effectively promote your music. There are various ways to promote your music in Nigeria. Here we will discuss some of the top tricks on “How to promote your songs in Nigeria 2024

There are a few things to keep a check on before promoting your songs in Nigeria.

Plan it before you do it. It is very much essential to have a proper plan before promoting your songs. Adhoc promotions may lead to your funds going haywire sinking your funding ship.

In contrast, a properly planned and carefully crafted promotion plan will help you achieve success in a short time.

Success mantras to promote your songs in Nigeria in 2024

Matra 1: Use social media platform

Social media platforms are the best modern-day online marketing and promoting solutions. They give you global reach. It is easy to access and has great potential.

Be consistent in posting your content online. To promote your songs on social media platforms, post small videos related to that song, BTS videos, and some promotion-related videos. This makes the audience feel connected to you and attracts more audiences.

Why Social Media is Essential for Music Promotion

Utilizing social media is crucial for promoting your music due to its widespread reach and potential impact. According to 2020 Statista studies, over 3.6 million individuals worldwide are active on social media, presenting significant opportunities for businesses. By leveraging social media platforms, you can expose your songs to a large audience, encouraging feedback and engagement.

As a musician, maintaining a strong presence across various social media channels like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is vital. To effectively promote your music content, you should create diverse content such as music articles, studio tours, interviews, music videos, images, and live sessions.

In today’s competitive landscape, both small and large businesses harness the power of social media to enhance their marketing strategies and generate potential leads. For instance, companies like Flipkart, Amazon, and Netflix leverage social media to attract new customers, gain insights into consumer behavior, and foster communities for feedback on their products or services.

The influence of social media is undeniable, and as a musician or producer, it’s essential to capitalize on its advantages across all aspects of your business, not just for promoting songs. Embracing social media can be pivotal for your success in the rapidly evolving music industry.

Mantra 2: Use Live Music Promotion

Promotion through live music performances, concerts, and gigs has been one of the evergreen options for promoting your songs.

Mantra 3: Post updates through your website

Having a professional website also plays a crucial role in attracting traffic and attention. Keep posting regular updates on your website to make it reach the audience.

Mantra 4: Offer Free Downloads and usage of songs

If you offer your songs for free download and usage, it has the potential to reach a large audience set. Free download and usage will let other people use your song without any worries and eventually reach more audiences.

Mantra 5: Collaborations with other artists and musicians

Collaborating with other artists and musicians will not only improve your relations with them but also help you reach their fan following. This in turn turns out to be beneficial for your songs. Collaborating with other musicians can greatly benefit artists, especially when featuring legendary figures in the music industry.

Incorporating renowned artists into your music can significantly increase your song’s appeal to audiences, as they bring with them a well-established brand and fan base. This heightened interest can lead to more listeners engaging with your music.

Mantra 7: Publish your songs across multiple apps and music sites: 

As said limiting your songs to a particular website, or music app will result in it reaching to less number of people. But if your songs are available on multiple domains and platforms, it will bring in a diverse and larger set audience.

Mantra 8: Email Promotions

You could send emails with promotional banners and links to your songs and website to a target audience set. You can send emails to people in your email list or even curate a list of the visitors visiting your website. You could also sign in with an advertising and marketing firm to save yourself from the wrath and process. The point to take care of when choosing an advertising firm for promoting your songs is budget. Do not overstep your budget.

Mantra 9: Reach out to bloggers and speakers

Reach out to music bloggers, and speakers and reach out to the various podcast. Talk about your songs, music, yourself, and your team. Talking about your journey connects people to you and they will eventually ally with you. In today’s digital age, virtually everything is moving online, and bloggers play a crucial role in this landscape. Therefore, it’s essential to collaborate with bloggers to effectively promote your songs.

Top Platforms for Promoting Your Music:


Audiomack serves as a music streaming platform where artists and podcast creators can upload their songs, playlists, albums, and mixtapes. Utilizing Audiomack not only distinguishes your music from the crowd but also offers opportunities for monetization, allowing you to earn from your content.


YouTube stands as one of the most frequented platforms globally, providing a fertile ground for your songs to gain traction and potentially go viral. With a forecasted continuous increase in global YouTube users, according to Statista, the platform offers monetization avenues for creators. By producing high-quality content and amassing a substantial subscriber base, you can monetize your YouTube channel effectively.


With its vast user base of active listeners, Spotify presents an indispensable platform for promoting your music. Don’t miss out on the visibility and audience engagement opportunities it offers. Establish a fan base on Spotify and capitalize on its features to propel your music career forward.

In conclusion, harness the power of social media to drive traffic to your music. By leveraging platforms like Audiomack, YouTube, and Spotify, you can elevate your music career to new heights, particularly in Nigeria.