Tanzanian well-trained songwriter and singer, Dayna Nyange has delivered a new song called, “Elo” featuring Davido.

In addition, the new marvelous single “ELO” is Dayna Nyange‘s first big and international collaboration with the DWM boss, and Nigeria’s bad man, Davido.

Finally, This is a mellifluous and melodic song that should be added to your playlist if you are indeed a listener of sweet-toned, lilting, and tuneful music.

Listen and share your thoughts below!



Una taka kucheza na huna step
Elo lowo yen
You sabi play, but you no sabi score
Elo lowo yen
Unataka kulima na huna jembe
Elo lowo yen
Eeey Owaah olaaa
Elo lowo yen